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For us, it’s something common, something that we sometimes do automatically without stopping to think about everything that implies and must work properly so that actions such as showering or using the toilet is something daily. But this becomes more challenging when these jobs are taken to distance.

Surely we have ever stopped to think about what life will be like in space, regarding the tasks we carry out daily such as visiting the bathroom or taking a shower as part of our everyday ritual.

How do astronauts maintain good personal hygiene?
Space and resource restrictions of space vehicles require the development of audacious techniques when it comes to maintaining good personal hygiene.

The sexy and sparkling baths are out of place, but there have come to be complete and incredibly clever showers which had closing screens and vacuum cleaners to remove the water. However, even the most sophisticated systems have proven to be little appreciated by the team of space vehicles due to the work necessary to assemble and disassemble such systems.

The complex task of cleaning up
Something very basic like the shower becomes a complicated task for the astronauts in space. One of the elements that hinder this work is the lack of water. Also, The lack of gravity makes the water float just like our astronauts float out there in space.

The space station alone is capable of generating only about 24 liters of water every day from the air and the same recycling of liquids (the liquid that each of those astronauts uses for their good personal hygiene is condensed from the air conditioning system and is recovered). This water carries a very different body to the one it has on the planet Earth. In short, it looks like a paste. Then it comes out from a water dispenser where each member of the crew fills in the container patches that will be used for washing.

Mixing this water using the soap, which comes in another container patch, every one of those members carries out their bathrooms.

The Solution
So, we clearly understand how difficult it is for the astronauts to keep a good personal hygiene regime in distance. Since the water keeps floating because of zero-gravity, it is impossible for them to take a bath to clean themselves and preserve their health from several chronic diseases caused by unhygienic practices.

Well, because there are no showers and no sinks, and carrying heavy machines to bathe up there is quite a tricky task, Waterless bathing products like Clensta Waterless Shampoo, Davie Wildlife Removal and Clensta Waterless Bath can prove to be an adequate option for good personal hygiene.

These revolutionary products do not require even a single drop of water for their use and just some of 25 ml is enough to have a complete bath. The Clensta Waterless Shampoo and Clensta Waterless Bath have no foam so there is no chance it could spatter inside the Space Shuttle.

And of course, this going to save a good deal of their precious time up there while discovering some curious facts about the world.

Do Astronauts Bathe in Space?

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