Increase home value

Real estate investors live and die by their ability to add value. With no extra value, there are no profits. This is true with any business, but what makes property such a wonderful business and a great investment, is the number of ways you can add value and cash in on big profits. Here are […]

Dog Walking Etiquette

There is no guidebook or special guidelines about how you should walk your dog. But similarly to how you should behave in a public setting, there’s a dog walking etiquette. So here is a couple of things you should and/or should not do while choosing your companion. There are various degrees of control you can […]


Many members of other genera and families of rodents can also be called rats since they share several features like that of rats that were true. They’re different from mice and must be confused together. Rats are big muroid rodents while mice are little muroid rodents. Muroid family is a really intricate family and the […]